Greetings from the Artistic Director

At the start of every new Church Year the annual programme of the Hallgrímskirkja Friends of the Arts Society is presented, now for the 37th time. Music, art and literature events are meticulously synchronized with the traditional rhythm of the Church Year – at Christmas, Fast, Easter and Pentecost.

The programme of the 37th season is particularly diverse and festive and includes the annual Hallgrímskirkja Christmas Music Festival, the return of the momentous Festival of Sacred Arts, performances of grand musical pieces by Bach, Schnittke and Hafliði Hallgrímsson, the phenomenal artwork of Finnbogi Pétursson, reading of the Passion Hymns and much more. Innovation continues to be an important theme, two compositions will be premiered at the Festival of Sacred Arts, an Oratory and a Cantata, and the chimes of Hallgrímskirkja’s bells will be revitalized.

Among a prestigious list of performers this year will be the Hallgrímskirkja Motet Choir, Schola Cantorum, The Hallgrímskirkja International Baroque Orchestra, Björn Steinar Sólbergsson and Mattias Wager. Many international guests, organists and choirs will provide inspiration and passion and provide yet more opportunities to introduce the legacy of Hallgrímskirkja as a venue of music and arts to the world. It is with humble gratitude that I thank all these great artists for their contribution to the thriving art scene of Hallgrímskirkja.

A new programme, printed in colour, is  presented here and will hopefully be well received. Fully believing in the healing and blessing power of the joyous harmony of arts and religion, I wish you a Happy 37th Season of the Hallgrímskirkja Friends of the Arts Society.

 See Programme here.